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It is time for another installment here at Rosie Jaye. In this video she lets the bad girls out. She calls them her bitches. They are always getting her into all sorts of naughty trouble. Especially when they come out in the club during a wet t-shirt contest.

Rosie has a body reminiscent of another time. Back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s her body type was raging on the big screen. All of the hottest actresses had meat on their bones. It would be nice to see that happen here in the present. I am so sick and tired of looking at waifs.

Enjoy more of Rosie at RosieJaye.com and consider it a vote for women with curves when you join!

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What would you do to get back to these days? It has been twenty-five years since I cracked open a teen pussy on the couch and finger banged a girl to orgasm. I didn’t get my dick wet as much back then, but the quality of the blowjobs more than made up for it.

How does a feller get back to that kind of teen sex action? I don’t know about you, but I watch tube sex vids on FapLot.com when I want to go back to those days.

Join for free and you can mark videos so you can come back to them easier. You can vote on videos, comment on videos and watch as many videos as you want. The mobile version of the site is top notch. I use it to watch videos during boring meetings at work!

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Americans are always laughing at the British when it comes to their overreaching laws governing how food is farmed, raised and genetically modified. The Brits prefer to keep things a bit old fashioned. After looking at their women I am inclined to agree with their views on how a natural diet can produce more naturally beautiful women.

Take Rosie Jaye for instance. Her lovely boobs are fluffy and sexy. They have the perfect sag. Her shapely booty is round without being full of dimples. So I ask you: Do the additives Americans put into their food, or the food their domesticated livestock eat, cause skin problems British women do not exhibit?

Further proof can be found in girls like Savannah Boardley and Terri Jane. Both are heavenly to look at even though one is chunky and the other is a full blown plumper!

Think about this post the next time your wife goes shopping. Maybe you should push her to upscale your dietary habits. Who knows, her skin might still be young enough to recover.

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What are they putting in the water over there in Britain these days? Girls like Rosie Jaye and Sophie Dee leave a man satisfied both visual and sexually. Their bodies leave nothing to be desired. Both have huge tits, a cleft of Venus pussy and a shapely ass ready for a good spanking!

Lately on Facebook a lot of people have been acknowledging the true beauty girls with full figures have to offer a man. They usually have a woman like Marilyn Monroe next to some ugly, skinny, cunt whore that passes for a celebrity these days. I’ll take a chunky girl over a stick figure any day of the week.

Celebrate the beauty of naturally beautiful women by becoming a member of RosieJaye.com and you will get access to an entire network of hot babes with huge tits and hips to match.

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With a title like that you might have thought I was referring to Rosie Jaye. This time I am talking about Malynn and her live adult cam. Visit adultcamchat.me and enjoy a chat with her right now.

As with most redheads with a tope complexion adultcamchat.me Malynn grew up a bit on the sexually repressive side. This caused her to read books more often then she went out with her so called friends. Girls that read have an active imagination and before long this cute redhead with big tits found herself masturbating about all of the different ways she would someday fuck guys.

Now that she is on her own she is finding that expressing her sexual desires on webcams to be very therapeutic. Back in high school guys used to make fun of her curvy body, now they crave it and she craves all of the added attention it is bringing her.

Tell this hot babe just how hot she is!

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While I enjoy Rosie just as much as the next bloke I have a thing for watching boobs jiggle in live web cam shows. A request SaraSweet69 had no problem complying with. Which is one special benefit we have growing up in the Internet age. We get to connect with others that share our values, desires and dirty fetishes.

Where do you find such oddities in an abundant number? Why at the free web cam chat site CamJog.com of course. The site boasts online models in the hundreds and a pool of models that stretches into the thousands. Don’t worry though. You can tag your favorites and even have the site tell you when they come online.

To watch those huge boobs jiggle, or not to watch those huge boobs jiggle? That is the question, and now you know the answer!

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Pretend you can create a British sex doll. What would you put on her? Personally I’d make her a redhead because it seems they are the best in bed. Next I’d give her a huge set of tits capped with silver dollar nipples. And finally she would have some wide hips I could grip!

When you think about it, it sounds like I am describing Rosie Jaye to a T!

With Rosie Jaye you get a vivacious teen with a bodacious figure. She is the kind of girl that only gets hotter as she ages. Members get instant access to her friends sites as well. You have thousands of videos waiting for you. Why are you still here?

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The UK is home to more teen swinger girls that any other place on Earth. It could be something they put in the water or perhaps just a different way of looking at casual sex than the rest of the world.

Girls like Rosie Jaye learn early on in life to appreciate many sexual partners instead of honing in on one guy. Girls having sex with their teachers is not as frowned upon there either. In America a teacher in Texas as tried and convicted of having sex with 18 year old boys and got sent to prison for 5 years!

That is ludicrous!

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Today I found a new place to find some more Rosie Jaye porn pics and hot videos. They review the entire Rosie Jaye porno site for you. You can even leave your own comments or submit your own in depth review.

Getting tired of redheads? Are you fucking crazy? OK, I have a place where you can find all of the best babes in porn. It won’t cost you a dime and it is loaded with free porn. They even have huge alphabetized lists of babes to surf!

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Like watching free hd porn vides featuring chubby babes with massive boobs? Then you’re going to enjoy what this brunette offered our dude in this clip for sure. She started teasing herself, stroking her melons and then sucking his big sloppy pecker. When he kind of got satisfied by fucking her between those massive breasts he laid down along her and started banging her shaved slit from behind… harder and harder until he managed to spread his sticky load deep into her vagina.

You’re a single click away from this unseen hardcore porn… you gotta love it so hurry up and play it!

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It can be said that Rosie Jaye has one of those bodies you don’t find enough of at the clubs these days. Now girls want to be the size of a toothpick and won’t eat (but will drink) until they do. Rosie has a full figured body that hits on some form of primal instinct making you want to tap that phat ass!

Girls with small boobs are going to hate on Rosie. They are going to talk about how big her butt is, like that is some kind of put-down. They are going to talk about her fiery red hair, as if we don’t think it is the hottest thing around. They can talk, Rosie Jaye isn’t listening.

What she is doing is updating her site weekly with new videos and pics. Rosie gets completely naked and often invites friends over for some kinky play time. Why don’t you become one of her friends right now? Take the RosieJaye.com tour!

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What could possibly be better than some red lingerie paired with some red hair and a pink pussy? While Rosie Jaye is from the UK she has been in America during the 4th of July festivities and she certainly enjoyed the show.

Now it is your turn to enjoy the show at RosieJaye.com. She updates weekly and gives you access to her friends sites as well. I guess they aren’t big on jealousy in the Old Kingdom!


Rosie Jaye is an all natural full figured teen. You can grab on to those wide hips and ride this pony until she screams. Just imagine giving her the hot beef injection while watching her huge tits flop against the luckiest couch cushions in the world!

On a side note. If you are more of an adult DVD kind of guy (or gal) I have good news for you. Fiona Cooper is giving her UK customers free postage and packing. International orders are only £5 postage and packing. Fiona has over 1,200 titles to choose from with girls and ladies ranging from 18 years old into their sixties. Nobody has more variety than Fiona Cooper!


I saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaid. Just imagine giving this redhead hottie the hot beef injection up that tight pink pussy while watching her naturally big boobs flop against that lucky couch while your even luckier nut sack flops against her hard clit!

Did I make myself clear?

Try Rosie Jaye and you won’t have to go unsatisfied again!

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I love the British. No, not because they have awesome teeth or because they say cool things like chip-chip-cheerio. I love them because of their women. Their big boobs, big hips women that still look like models from a Renoir painting!

American girls throw up their food or give up eating altogether out of fear of growing wide hips. Their lack of body fat means they have to stuff their bras full of toilet paper. Like we aren’t going to notice once we get them home!

Not British babes. Girls like Rosie Jaye don’t mind packing on a few extra pounds. She robust beauty is amazing. You just want to devour every inch of this girls curves!

One of my personal favs about this fluffy wonder is her pink nipples. I love nipples as much as the next guy, but I also like them light. Rosie has huge boobs capped with pink silver dollar nips you could choke on and enjoy dying!

Get more of this big boobs teen girl at RosieJaye.com!

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Want to see the rest of this redheaded teen hottie? You can. While some girls are being a bit too modest Rosie Jaye is opening herself up. All the way up!

See this big tits teen completely nude… The right way!

What is the right way? Well, Rosie Jaye is a model first so she models sexy things and slowly takes them off. Her pussy cleft is shaved smooth and has quite the appetite for panties. That translates into some pretty serious camel toe videos and pics!

They say the recession is over, but you and I know the truth. Money isn’t exactly easy to come by right now. So think about this: With a membership to Rosie Jaye you also get access to her friends and their juicy knockers as well. Girls like Tegan Brady are waiting to excite your senses!

Dig deeper by checking our her huge boobies!

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No doubt about it. Rosie Jaye is one of those presents where one box has a bunch of gifts in it and every time you go back into that box you find yet another treasure!

Let’s start with that booty. Imagine her on the dance floor rubbing that thick ass of hers all over your cock. As if her red hair and freckles weren’t amazing enough, that ass is a wallop of flavor!

Then you move to her tits and they are ginormous! I challenge you to find a teen with a bigger rack that stands at attention like these lovely melons. One wrong move and you are drowning in boobies!

Finally, there is her puffy peach of a pussy. Truly fucking amazing. While her free photo sets show it off with panties on, she gets fully nude in her members area. Just check out her galleries for a camel toe and then imagine switching her panties out for some peach soft skin. Nummy goodness!

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