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Escort agencies offer some of the oldest and most widely used services on the face of the earth. Having once been shrouded in secrecy and taboo, escorts in Lisbon now go about their business with a real sense of pride and confidence.

But what’s interesting is how the general day-to-day lives of escorts often play out nothing like the assumptions and expectations of outsiders. Unless you’re part of the escort industry, chances are you have little to no idea how it all works.

For example – what would you expect an escort’s first few days on the job to look like? A period of abject terror and misery? Constant fear of the unknown? Or perhaps being thrown headfirst into a life of unbridled exclusivity and luxury?

In order to shed a little light on the subject, we asked newcomers to the escort industry to share their experiences of their first days on the job:

Melissa, 28

It’s funny – I only advertised myself out of pure curiosity. I just wanted to see what kind of attention I would attract and what kinds of offers would come my way. I didn’t tell the agency this at the time, of course. But then when I started receiving quite a few offers from guys who looked decent and apparently had money to burn, I figured, why the hell not!

So I basically chose from the pick of the bunch, something I didn’t realise escorts could do. I always figured you were pretty much told who you needed to entertain and how, instead of being given total freedom of choice. I picked the guy, we arranged our meeting and that was that?

Was I scared? Damn right I was – terrified, in fact. Or at least, I was until he picked me up in his car and drove me to the restaurant we’d picked in advance. The whole thing felt less like a job and more like a blind date. I had expected him to treat me a bit like his property, or at least a piece of equipment he’d hired for the evening. In reality, he was shy, nervous and keen to get to know me. I had to say that the fact that this was the first time for both of us actually made the whole thing easier.

We enjoyed dinner, chatted for hours, had a few drinks at the bar and went back to his place. I’d never admit it openly, but by the time we got there I’d have happily dragged him into the bedroom for free. The only thing stopping me was the fact that I needed the cash. So when it finally happened, I enjoyed it at least a thousand times more than I expected. It was nothing spectacular, but rather than feeling as if I was doing something I didn’t want to do, it was great!

2am rolled around, I called my cab, pocketed the money and left him with a kiss goodnight. Along with feeling satisfied and a good deal richer, I also felt the kind of empowerment I’d never experienced before. Particularly when he emailed me the next day begging for regular visits!

Andrea, 32

I’m probably the last person you’d ever have expected to become an escort. If anything, I was always the one saying how shitty it was to make young girls shake their asses in front of groups of horny men in strip clubs. To an extent, I thought the whole sex and adult entertainment industry was a bit on the sordid side.

It was only completely by chance that I got talking to an escort at a bar in Lisbon. She told me that rather than offering purely sexual services, the vast majority of her clients were lonely guys in need of a friend. Or at least, someone to talk to and spend time with. Sex was part of the agreement on occasion, but happened way less often than I’d expected.

We exchanged numbers and I eventually agreed to a meeting she set up on behalf of the agency. I wasn’t officially registered as an escort at that point, she’d basically called me in for a favour. And to show me what it’s all about. I needed the money – which was way more money than I expected – so I agreed to spend a few hours with a guy she’d met a few times before.

What happened? To be honest, not nearly as much as you’d think. We went out to dinner, hit a club and went back to some random guy’s house we met with about 20 others for a party. At the end of the night, he walked me home and ended things with a gentle kiss. That was it! A great night, met some great new people and made some serious money from a rich guy looking for good company.

I signed up with the agency the next day and I’ve never looked back.

Sophie, 26

My reasons for signing up as an escort probably weren’t what you’d consider typical. I have the kind of sex drive that’s completely off the scale and I’m into the kinky stuff. Big time! Finding a guy willing to put up with me for more than a week or two just wasn’t happening. But then again, I wasn’t looking to settle down in the near future, anyway.

I guess there’s a gap in the market for services like mine – the escort agency snapped me up in an instant. And boy did the offers start coming in quickly. I’d specifically advertised myself as offering services other escorts probably wouldn’t go near…the response was unreal.

There are basically just two things I remember most about my first day. First of all, I’m pretty sure I enjoyed the whole thing more than the two clients I saw at the same time. Secondly, I had absolutely no idea that the kinkier the requests, the more they’re willing to pay. I walked away with more money in one night than I’d earned in the previous month!

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